What is a ‘T’ for Texas?

AUSTIN, Texas – In recent years, a number of sports teams and organizations have been searching for ways to increase revenue and build their fan bases.

These efforts have focused on using the “T” symbol to denote the state of Texas.

It was introduced in the 1990s to signify Texas as the state that “gets” the message, says Dan Jones, a sports marketing consultant in Dallas.

Jones says it can be difficult to distinguish a Texas team’s brand from that of a local competitor.

“A T is a very important part of the branding,” Jones says.

In fact, Texas has used the “t” for nearly all of its sports since it was established in 1875.

Texas’ state flag was redesigned by state architects in 1910 to represent Texas as an “independent state” and its “independent” state motto was written in an unknown script on a white background.

The first Texas flag in a blue and gold design was unveiled in 1931.

It depicts a white bull and a yellow bull in a semicircle.

“Texas’ team colors are blue and yellow.

And it’s a blue flag with an asterisk,” Jones said.

It’s not clear how many other teams use the “C” to denote Texas.

Texas has the largest state flag collection of any state, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

In 2018, the state hosted a statewide celebration for the first time since 1867.

The annual Texas Stars Day Celebration is scheduled for May 14-16 in Austin, Texas.

For many Texas sports fans, the Stars Day celebration is a chance to watch a team or a team’s coach take part in a game of catch and release.

Some of the most notable sports teams to use the Texas T include the Dallas Cowboys, Texas Rangers, the Texas Longhorns, the Dallas Mavericks and the Texas Stars.