Je dunn Construction, Durnin Construction announce their plans for construction of $6.8 billion $4.6 billion construction facility

Washington, D.C. — (WUSA9) — Durnen Construction, the North American division of Je Dunn Construction Group, has announced that it has completed construction of a $4 billion, two-story construction facility on the North Riverfront.

The $4 million facility will house the company’s largest project yet, a three-story office building that will be used to house Durning’s three major construction projects: the North-South Main Street, North-North Main Street and the North and South Main Streets.

Construction of the building began last week.

The two-tower building will accommodate more than 7,000 workers and is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2019.

It is expected to be the largest office building in the region.

In addition to the North riverfront facility, the new project also includes an expansion of the existing Durnn Construction headquarters, which will be converted to a two-building campus, and a new warehouse.

Construction has been ongoing since last spring, with the first building under construction on the site being completed in late June.

Construction on the second and third buildings is also underway.