FourFour Two: The FourFourFive

FourFourThree, a new game from FourFourFourTwo, is about creating your own version of a classic video game.

It features players fighting against waves of enemies in an apocalyptic environment, and the game has been downloaded more than 13 million times since it launched earlier this year. 

“It’s the kind of game you’re looking forward to playing for years, and then you get to play a bit more and you realize it’s not so fun anymore,” founder and CEO of FourFourGames, Andrew Miller, told the Sydney Morning Herald.

“There’s nothing like it in the world.” 

As part of the campaign, FourFour is encouraging players to create a “video game version of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy,” with a “very big emphasis on gameplay.” 

“The game’s a great way to kickstart a new career,” Miller said.

“It’ll take you on a journey of exploration, discovery and adventure.”

It can also be played by a family, who will be able to share their experience in a more positive way.” 

FourFourGames has also released a short video, entitled “Toward the end of this”, to promote the game. 

There are five different gameplay modes: exploration, puzzle, stealth, shooting and crafting. 

For more on FourFour’s other games, check out the video below. 

FourFive’s “Towards the End of this” video is available on YouTube.