A Texas couple plans to build a new home in the Amazon forest for $4.5 million

The Amazon forest is home to a wide range of exotic species, including giant tortoises, redwood trees, and exotic birds like the giant tortoise.

But the most important species are the giant tarantulas.

The giant tortuas have adapted to living in the forest by feeding on trees, so their habitats are limited.

But they can live for thousands of years, and they have thrived in the forests of Ecuador, Bolivia, and Brazil.

So the two owners of this house in Texas, a couple from Brazil and the wife of a retired US army captain, are hoping to build their own house in the jungle.

The house will include three rooms, a dining room, and a bedroom.

The owners hope that by providing the environment and food for the animals, the house will be a natural, self-sustaining ecosystem.

A house built for giant tortroles would be the first time such a habitat was created in the tropics.

This is the story of how it happened.