Construction Supply and Equipment Stock Market Crash Has Hit Texas, Texas-Mexico border

Stock prices for construction supply and equipment companies fell as the U.S. and Mexican governments resumed work on the border wall that they had promised to close by Jan. 1.

Construction stocks, the nation’s primary investment vehicle, fell 0.1% on Friday.

“The border wall construction process is not a complete success, and we will continue to have to continue to monitor the progress,” John O’Connor, president of the National Association of Home Builders, said in a statement Friday.

The Wall Street Journal said that prices in the construction sector dropped 2% Friday.

Construction supplies and equipment stocks rose 4% Friday, according to the National Home Builder Association, which represents construction companies.

The supply sector declined 0.6% and the industry’s core demand, including equipment and supplies, fell 1%.

Construction is the most common type of construction used to construct roads, bridges, dams, airports and other structures.

Construction companies say they have to rely on government contracts, which they cannot use on their own to meet their own construction needs.

The U.N. is due to release a report on the wall by March 1.

The report will show how many construction jobs could be lost as a result of the construction.

On Thursday, the Wall Street New York quoted an unnamed government official as saying that the border would be closed by the end of the year.

Construction costs have fallen by $2 billion in recent months, according a Reuters report.

The price of a new trailer for a new home rose to $934,000, according the report.