VBH Construction graduates in Sydney’s CBD, Brisbane’s CBD

VBh Construction graduates are finding jobs in Sydney, Brisbane and the ACT, with some coming from overseas, the company says.

Key points:VBH has announced it will create 150 jobs in the Sydney CBD and 300 jobs in BrisbaneThe company will also hire 150 workers in the ACTThe company said it will build 1,000 homes and a shopping centre in the Melbourne CBDVBh construction graduates will get up to $120,000 to work for itVBhs construction graduates are to start in Sydney and BrisbaneThis is the first batch of VBhs graduates to work in the construction industry.

“The first batch will be working in Sydney from March,” VBhy said.

“We are also planning to add the Brisbane and Canberra locations in the coming months.”VBhy is the latest company to hire from overseas.

Last year, it hired more than 1,500 people from the United States, Australia and China.

The company was founded in 2012 by David and Joanna Johnson.

They had a passion for building houses and wanted to do something to help the world’s poor.

They said they wanted to create a “world class facility” that would create jobs and give a better life to the people who work there.

“There are so many people who are living in extreme poverty, many who can’t work,” Mr Johnson said.

“I think we have an opportunity here in Australia to do things that are positive and to do it in a way that is sustainable.”

Mr Johnson said VBhas been working with governments in the region to ensure that the jobs were created in the local community.

“That’s why we’re looking at getting as many people as we can to come here to help us build the facility,” he said.

Mr Johnson, who has also worked for VBhyd, said he and his co-founder wanted to start a new company to provide jobs to people in need in the developing world.

“What we do is create jobs for the people in the community who are struggling,” he added.

“It’s not a one-off thing.”VH Construction has completed a $3.5 billion $2.3 billion $1.2 billion project in the Brisbane CBD, and is now building a new $7.2 million building in the CBD.

“These jobs are being created by the company to help those people who have been left out of the world of employment,” Mr VBih said.

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