New construction hard hats from Ksar Construction

Hard hats and boots for construction workers are coming to the UK.

Ksara Construction has launched the new Hard Hats collection, which will go on sale this week at its stores in the UK, and in the US, where it will be available on Ksaram’s online store.

The new Hard Hat collection features a range of construction hard hat styles including a variety of construction leather and a selection of construction rubber and polyurethane.

The Hard Hats range includes Hard Hats, Hard Hats with Polyurethanes, Hard Hat with Polymer, Hard Haulers, HardHaulers with Rubber, Hard Hoods, Hard Helmets and Hard Hats.

The line also includes an assortment of footwear and hats that will be part of the new collection.

K’sar Construction, a British construction-supply company based in Manchester, UK, is part of a wider trend of companies developing innovative products to provide a modern alternative to traditional materials.

K has recently been expanding its UK distribution, which currently consists of its two largest retail outlets, in Brighton and London.

K said in a statement: “The new Hard Housings collection is a further example of our commitment to offering our customers with an alternative to our traditional hard hats and other construction products.

It is an exciting and exciting time to be part and we look forward to a continued expansion in the coming months.”

The Hard Houses collection will be made available at Ksarah’s UK stores, while the US stores will only be available in stores where Ksarsa has a UK distribution.