Why I Love This New Home Construction Icon From ‘Halo’ Creator and Executive Producer Andrew Jarecki

I have to admit, I’m excited about the new home construction icon in ‘Hail, Caesar!’ as it looks more like a building crane than a crane.

But I can’t help but feel a little bit sad about the crane-like appearance.

We’ve seen some really impressive, crane-shaped houses before.

And the new crane-inspired homes certainly look like they could be a real challenge to the architects and construction companies that will be trying to put together these new buildings.

I mean, we’ve seen crane-built homes on TV, right?

What would a crane be like?

I’ve heard some stories about construction crane models that look like a giant, floating, robotic arm.

It’s kind of creepy, and not very futuristic.

And I’m guessing the reason that some builders are choosing to go with the crane in the new movie is because of the “tangible” nature of the crane.

The building crane is an important part of the real-life process of building.

So it’s a bit weird that a crane-made home is a bit scary to watch, even though the house will be actually made of stone.

Halo: Hail, Caesar!

is slated for release in 2019.

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