Trump’s construction workers: Trump ‘is the most dangerous man in America’

President Donald Trump’s building construction workers aren’t impressed.

They’ve been working with the president for more than a year, and the latest is a sign that the Trump administration is determined to put them in harm’s way.

The workers say the president has been disrespectful of them, and some are taking to social media to voice their displeasure.

Trump has repeatedly threatened to pull the workers out of their jobs if they refuse to work under the new standards.

The contractors and their families say the new rules are an attack on their hard-won protections.

Trump has called the construction workers “the most dangerous people in America” and said the regulations would make their jobs harder.

“The people that have built our beautiful nation deserve better,” Trump tweeted Friday.

The Trump administration has already ordered workers to return to their jobs at the end of January, and a temporary halt to the new regulations has been in effect since Monday.

The construction industry says the rules, which went into effect on Thursday, will hurt the jobs of thousands of construction workers who work for the Trump-owned companies that own the facilities.

The rules, enacted by the Labor Department, require contractors to be able to perform all construction tasks under the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and the Occupation Safety and Insurance Administration.

The regulations also require contractors that subcontract for the construction of national monuments and other national monuments to have proper health and safety training.

But the Trump White House has argued that the construction industry is not the problem, and that the regulations are meant to keep dangerous workers away from dangerous jobs.

“I have great respect for the workers that have been employed by these contractors,” Trump said in January.

“I’ve always had respect for them.”

The Trump administration argues that the new regulation is needed to prevent future incidents of deadly workplace injuries and deaths.

It argues that construction workers are more likely to die from other causes.

But the construction trade groups are not buying it.

They argue that the government has a duty to ensure workers are safe and to ensure that workers are getting the training they need to build the structures that they have spent decades building.

“The safety of construction employees is paramount,” said Jason Karp, vice president for public policy at the American Construction Council, an industry trade group.

“And we believe that the safety and welfare of the public are more important than safety of the construction worker.”

The construction workers have said they have been on strike for years and that they expect the new rule to be implemented at the beginning of February.