Parma v Udinese: ‘We don’t have enough’

Parma are set to face Udinese in a replay at the San Siro on Saturday evening, but there are still a lot of players who have not started a game since February.

This is where the ‘temporary’ squad comes into play.

Parma were able to keep some players on loan, but most of them are expected to be on the bench this Saturday. 

The Parma squad is: Domenico Scopini (centre-back), Federico Giorgi (midfielder), Gianluigi Donnarumma (mid-back) and Leonardo Cagliari (defender). 

The Udinese squad is as follows: Eduardo De Luca (forward), Mario Brescia (defence), Marco Falchetti (mid), Matteo Salvini (central defender), Alessandro Nesta (goalkeeping), Giorgio Dantas (goalkeeper), Alessio Romagnoli (mid) and Diego Lopez (mid). 

It will be the last time the Parma players are in action before the transfer window closes on Thursday, so we will take a look at the players who are still on the roster. 

What are the key players? 

The players listed below are not yet available, but we will keep you updated as the transfer market opens up. 

Mario Bresci (Centre-Back): Bresci is expected to feature for the Udinese side on Saturday, and is likely to start. 

His move to the Bianconeri is a positive one, as he brings a lot to the squad.

He is known to have a good attitude, and has been used at centre-back in the past, as well as at left-back. 

It is not a great idea to rely on him to do that on Saturday, but it will be a nice boost to the side. 

Dame Giorgione (Midfielder): Giorgioni is another player who could be in contention for a start, especially after a poor start to the season.

He has been impressive this season, but this is his first game in the red shirt. 

This is a great chance to get him into the starting XI and see if he can contribute. 

Leonardo Caglione (Defender): Caglioni has been a solid defender in the first team this season.

His performances in the last few games have been impressive.

He made an appearance against Udinese, and did well. 

He has been training at the end of the transfer period, so it is not yet clear if he will be available for Saturday.

Mario Gazzetta (Central Defender): The defensive midfielder has been a great player for Juventus, and the Biancocelesti are looking to build on that form.

He will be able to provide a lot for the team. 

Gianluigi Di María (Mid-Back/Midfield: The Bianconelli have one of the strongest midfield units in the world.

Di Maria has had a very good season, scoring two goals in his last four Serie A games.

He could start in the midfield, and he has shown that he can provide good support to Di Mariano and the defence. 

Mariano is still trying to find the right balance between his attacking and defensive midfield roles, but Di Mari has shown that there is plenty of room for him in the side and should be given a chance. 

Lorenzo Caglia (Defensive Midfielder/Defender: Caggi is yet to feature in the league, but he has been linked with a move to Udinese.

He would add an extra dimension to the defence, which is not easy to find in a player like Cattaneo. 

Di Mariano is looking for more from his midfielders, and Di Marian has a good chance of starting. 

Eugenio Rossi (Midback/Defence: Rossi is one of a few midfielders who are linked with moves to Udini.

Rossi has been the star of the Bianchi side, scoring a hat-trick in the team’s 2-0 win over Juventus in midweek. 

Rossa is a player who is still very much a work in progress, but has shown he is capable of a lot more. 

Giuseppe Rossi (Defence): Rossas ability has been excellent for the Biancalhi, and it would be great to see him get some minutes in the matchday squad.

It would be a shame to lose such a great attacking player, and Rossi could be the one to bring him into action. 

Riccardo Coloccini (Mid, Defence): Coloccini is another one who is linked with moving to Udine.

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