The Latest on the housing market in Dallas, Texas

The Dallas market continues to climb, with some builders putting out their newest construction homes.

The median price for a single-family home rose to $634,000 in September from $566,000 last month, according to data from Zillow.

And new construction rose 3.6 percent to 4,068 units in the market, the Zillows data shows.

That’s a 5.4 percent increase from last month.

The median price of a condo increased 3.9 percent to $2,898,000.

That is the highest price since March 2015.

The condos are becoming more affordable as construction ramps up, according in the Zellows data.

The market is also benefiting from the arrival of a new, cheaper energy source.

The Energy Star report showed that the energy cost per kilowatt hour increased 1.4 cents in the past year.

That makes electricity more affordable, said Michael Zucchi, chief economist at the Zucchis Economic Group.

That energy is starting to trickle down to people who have a home that can get the electricity for less than the cost of gas.

A home with a solar array that can generate power from a battery can be more affordable than a home with electricity from an electric vehicle, said Zucchar.

“We’re seeing a shift to having solar, battery and other renewable energy for home heating and cooling, which is going to be really helpful for the affordability,” he said.