How to build a Lego brick factory in the UK

Construction contractor Bricklink is expanding to the UK after a decade of operating in the country.

The firm has been granted a 10-year lease on a building in a residential development in Bristol.

The project is part of a wider strategy to expand to more areas of the country and Bricklink will build a new £50 million factory in Manchester to meet growing demand.

It will create jobs for over 1,500 people and will employ 150 people at the site, which will be used to build and repair Lego bricks.

The company will also create around 10 jobs with the building.

“This will be the first Lego factory in Bristol and it will be an example of how our team will be able to work alongside bricklayers and the wider industry to build the future of building in the city,” said CEO Simon O’Dwyer.

“It is a win-win for both Bricklink and our communities and will ensure that the future can be a brighter one for everyone involved.”

Construction company Bricklink has been operating in Bristol since 2007 and has built a £50m building to meet increasing demand for construction work in the area.

The site, at the corner of Green Lane and Millington Road, has been vacant for a number of years.

It was used by Bricklink’s sister company BrickLink to manufacture Lego bricks but Bricklink sold the business in March 2017 to the Bricklink Group.

Bricklink says the factory will create more than 150 jobs and is part, if not the main, of its plans to expand in the region.

Construction is expected to be completed by April 2019.

BrickLink has already signed a deal to buy the building for around £50,000 from the former owner of the building, who was planning to build homes in the same area.

“Bricklink is committed to building the new building to provide more jobs and greater opportunities for the local community,” said O’Driscoll.

Bricklink, which is based in Wales, operates more than 200 sites across the UK. “

Our new factory will allow us to be part of the regeneration of the Green Lane area, creating more homes for people and businesses.”

Bricklink, which is based in Wales, operates more than 200 sites across the UK.

It currently has a presence in the Midlands and south west of England.