‘We have to be the ones to change things’

In the run-up to the referendum, Mr Cameron had repeatedly warned that the UK could “never” leave the European Union.

The Prime Minister had said in a series of televised appearances on Monday that the EU would “end up being the biggest threat to our prosperity”.

In a further statement on Monday, he said: “We have the capacity to shape our own destiny, and we will have to shape the destiny of the United Kingdom.”

The referendum is about what we are doing in the future, not what we were doing in this past parliament.

“It will have a different kind of future. “

We are not going to have the EU to dictate what we do,” he said.

Mr Cameron said the country would not be “sacked from the EU”. “

I think it’s really important that the British remain in the EU.”

Mr Cameron said the country would not be “sacked from the EU”.

“I don’t think the referendum was about me.

I think it was about the British working together to make the right decision for the UK and the UK working together with the EU,” he added.

The UK is set to vote on June 23 on whether to remain in or leave the EU.

The Irish Times