Why do you have to put up signs in the construction zone?

The construction industry is getting a makeover after years of mismanagement and abuse.

The Associated Press has obtained new construction zone signs to show the location of construction sites, where workers can find a job and pay their rent.

The signs were part of a $5 million renovation project of a former construction site that had been in disrepair and abandoned for years.

But the project didn’t get any more than $500,000 and the signs were never used.

The AP was unable to obtain a copy of the new signs.

Some of the signs have been around for a few years, but they’re a big change from the current signs, which have an outdated design and are painted black.

The new signs are black, with an orange border.

They are at the intersection of N. 2nd and Riggs avenues, in the industrial zone of the industrial park, across from the Interstate 5 interchange.

The new signs were put up in response to a lawsuit by the Southern Nevada Building Trades Council.

The council, which represents contractors, said the signs should be replaced and replaced with new signs that clearly identify the location.

The building trades council sued to force the city to stop the signs, but the city said it will not.

The city said the city will work with the union to change the signs to the new designs.

The old signs were at the site for years, with the exception of the last few months, when the city cleaned them out.

A new one is being installed.

The union wants the signs removed.