A black construction paper that is actually made of wood?

The article says that it is made of a black construction newspaper that is supposedly made of paper, and that the paper itself is actually a construction paper.

It also claims that the material is a combination of “brown” and “black” wood.

However, the paper is supposedly very hard and very brittle, making it difficult to cut.

The article also says that the newspaper is not really “black”, as it does not contain any pigment or fibers.

It is not clear from the article whether the construction paper is actually black or not.

The construction paper does not have any properties that are useful for structural or decorative purposes, according to the article.

However, it is still worth noting that the article does mention that the black paper does have some properties.

It has been reported that it can be used as a structural material for architectural buildings.

In fact, some black construction papers have been used for building in buildings that are part of a new development, according the article, which also mentions that black construction is “a good material for buildings of medium-height or taller.”

It is still unclear what exactly the construction papers are made of, but it is possible that they are made from materials such as birch, oak, maple, or other woods.