Why do Dubliners hate this giant statue?

Posted February 23, 2018 11:58:03As part of the “Easter Bunny” programme, a series of Easter themed public events have been held around the city.

The Easter Bunny statue has been in the works for years.

But it took some time to get the design right, says Richard O’Neill.

It was a project that started in 2008 with a concept art by John O’Donoghue.

He said the idea was to do a big public sculpture, which would be placed in the centre of the city on a hill.

The statue was to symbolise Easter and symbolise that there were some good things happening in the world.

The first concrete prototypes were put on the hill and in the summer of 2015 the design was approved by Dublin City Council and the first piece of construction was completed.

A couple of weeks later, the second statue was erected on the same hill.

This is a concept artist’s rendering of a ‘Easter’ Bunny statue.

Source: www.birminghamartgallery.com/images/projects/easter-bunny-v2.jpg”I don’t know if it’s because it’s a big piece of art or because people really enjoy it but the fact that it’s being displayed at the end of the year and the fact it’s in the middle of a busy street has a lot of people very excited.”

I think it’s really important that we celebrate what is happening in this city and I think people will be happy to see a big sculpture that represents Easter.

“Richard O’Connell said he is happy to have a big statue, but he is not happy about having to do it in the city centre.”

It’s a bit of a challenge.

I think a lot more can be done,” he said.

The city council has made a decision to not fund the project for the time being.

The second statue has also not yet been built.

But the statue’s success is not likely to be replicated.”

The statue has not been installed in Dublin,” said Richard O ‘Brien.”

There’s no plan to replace it.

“In the meantime, we’re hoping to have the second piece built sometime in 2019.”

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