When the World’s Biggest Robot Builders Come to India, It’s a Big Deal

The World’s biggest robot builders are in India, and they have a lot to do.

And when they arrive, they will have to deal with a lot of obstacles.

In an interview with Quartz, Indian IT professional Tejaswi Ramachandran talks about the challenges they face in building the world’s biggest robots.

This is Tejaswini Ramachandr, CEO of Tejaswsi Construction, which is building the largest robot factory in the world.

The project is one of several in the Indian subcontinent that are being built by Indian companies to meet growing demand for building robots.

In this video, Tejaswe’s CEO discusses the challenges he faces.

The company, which builds robotic platforms for various industries including engineering, medical, retail, construction, construction services and manufacturing, is also working on the construction of an office and a parking lot in the same city.

Tejaswi also says he is planning to open a robotics facility in Hyderabad, where he plans to employ around 200 people.

The next project that Tejaswalis is working on is the construction and maintenance of a robot shop in Hyderburg.

The company has already built a robot at the site of the old Hyderabad Police Station.

Tejawsi says the robots will be able to work on everything from building furniture to assembling clothing.

He says the robot will also be able do heavy lifting.

TejasWini is also looking to build a factory in Mumbai, which he says is “the next frontier for robots”.

He says the factory is “designed to supply to the retail sector, government, hospitals and education.

We are looking at setting up a logistics centre for it, a shop and a robotics plant in the area.”

Tejaswinis robotics facility will be connected to the main Tejaswidri plant in Hyderpur, which Tejasswini also says is the next big thing in the field.

The robot factory will also employ more than 200 people, and the company is aiming to hire more than 20,000 workers in the next five years.

Tejaswi Ramakrishnan, who is also the founder and CEO of robotics consultancy, says that with this project, the company will “bring more than 1,000 robots to the world”.

Tejaswal’s other projects include building a robot manufacturing facility in India.

The plant, which has already been built in Mumbai and plans to expand to other cities, will be used to make robot parts for the construction industry.

Tejeashri also says that Tejawswi will be working with companies to set up manufacturing facilities in other parts of the country.

Tejawi says that he will also establish a manufacturing plant in Mumbai in the near future.