Why we’re seeing construction work in the works for the next wave of skyscrapers

The next wave in high-rise construction will be the first of a new wave that is going to see new construction vehicles, such as high-speed trains and high-end apartment towers, replace older, cheaper options, Axios reports.

The next phase of construction is going take advantage of a huge amount of new ground and space in New York City. 

We’re seeing a lot of new construction in the Bronx, for example, which is an area that has historically been a dumping ground for landfills, said Richard Zeebe, managing director of New York-based Zeebes Associates.

“You’ve got the Queensboro Bridge, which was the first bridge built in America, and now we’ve got these massive projects like this.” 

New York City has also been hit hard by the Superstorm Sandy, which shut down much of the city for days and caused the collapse of several large buildings, including a former auto parts factory that is the former site of the World Trade Center.

The city has since been working to repair the damage, and the area is expected to reopen soon. 

The next wave will be smaller than the old one, which will focus more on the need for housing and other amenities in the areas it will build, said Zeeber. 

“This new wave of development will be more focused on amenities and services, and that’s the area that we’re most excited about in New Yorker cities, especially as the housing market begins to get back to normal,” Zeeb said. 

Construction for the first phase of the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway is set to begin later this year. 

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