How Balfour Beatty Built a City in 3 Days and Built a Town in 4 Months

Balfours Beatty, Ohio, a community of approximately 30,000 residents in southwestern Ohio, is the latest city to be constructed by the company, which is based in Michigan and built homes in California and Georgia.

The town’s official website,, describes the town as having a population of roughly 7,500, and it is home to several churches and a school.

It was founded in 1773, and became a town in 1920, with the original village having a total population of less than 300 people, according to the website.

“We have a great tradition in Beatty.

We started here in 1774,” the town’s website reads.

“The first settler came here from Scotland.

He brought his family to the site and built the first church in 1776.”

Balfours founder, Balfa Beatty was born in 1825 in the town of Newbury, New Hampshire, according the website, and his family moved to the Ohio Valley in 1858.

He built a home there and lived for over a century, the website says.

The city is home not only to Beatty Community College, but also to the school where Balfaa Beatty graduated.

The school, known as The University of Beatty University, is located on a site that was once a sugar mill.