Watch out for ‘a lot of construction jobs’ in the UK

Construction management jobs are on the rise in the United Kingdom and Australia as construction boom in the construction industry continues to boost demand for the highly skilled trades.

The Construction Industry Minister, Andrew Hastie, said that there was a strong correlation between the construction sector and the construction jobs.

“It is a sector that is really key to the economy in this country and it is growing,” he said.

“The construction industry employs around 7.7 million people and employs about 10,000 people in Australia.”

Mr Hastie said the construction boom was the biggest job-generating activity in the country.

“We have seen a huge growth in the number of construction workers in the last year,” he added.

“This is not just a sector but a job-creating activity.”

Workers are increasingly drawn to the construction trades as they can negotiate a better pay deal than those in other industries.

The construction sector employs around 70,000 workers across the country and employs more than half a million people across Australia.

The government has recently introduced legislation to require the construction of new housing in all Australian cities by 2022, to provide affordable housing for low-income people.