Which cities will be hit hardest by the Great Recession?

By Andrew HarrerThe Great Recession will hit all corners of America in 2016, and the impacts will be far-reaching.

But it will also hit some cities hardest.

Here are some of the places most likely to be hit by the crisis, according to a study released this week by the Economic Policy Institute:1.

San Francisco and Oakland, California: This is where tech companies are headquartered.

As a result, San Francisco is expected to see its GDP shrink by 4.7 percent in 2016.2.

Philadelphia and Washington, DC: The city that inspired James Bond’s first Bond film, Washington, D.C., is also the home of a large tech company, Twitter.3.

Denver and New York: Both are home to large tech companies, but the Denver-based companies are smaller.

The New York City-based company Facebook is expected the biggest hit, with the company’s share price falling by about a third in 2016.(Getty Images)4.

Phoenix and New Orleans: The two cities that made up the original Fantastic Four movies are both home to a large number of large tech firms.

But the biggest casualty is probably Phoenix, where Facebook’s stock price has plunged by more than a third since January.5.

Austin, Texas: The hometown of Google, which was founded by Eric Schmidt, has been home to Google Inc. since 2007.

The company’s stock is down by more the 5 percent this year.6.

Boston and Seattle: These two major cities are home not only to major tech companies but also the headquarters of Microsoft Corp. and Boeing Co. Both of these firms are large companies, with both companies expected to lose more than 6 percent in the next two years.7.

Dallas, Texas and Washington: Both of those cities are heavily populated with tech workers.

Dallas is expected see its unemployment rate drop by about 6.5 percent in 2022.8.

Houston and Atlanta: Both Houston and Fulton County, Georgia, are also home to tech companies.

The two are expected to have the biggest job losses in the region.9.

Detroit and Memphis, Tennessee: Both Detroit and the state of Tennessee are heavily dependent on oil.

Both are expected see their unemployment rate fall by more in the coming year.10.

Chicago, Illinois and Washington D. C.: These two metropolitan areas have a population of roughly 4.3 million, according the Census Bureau.

One of the big questions about the Great Depression was whether Detroit, which is a city of about 1.6 million people, would have enough jobs to handle the loss of oil and gas jobs in the city.

That has led to widespread protests over the past few years.11.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: This area of Pennsylvania is home to many tech companies such as Facebook, Uber and Lyft, but is also home the headquarters for Boeing Co., where the company has seen its stock decline by more over the last few years.(Getty)12.

Minneapolis, Minnesota and St. Louis, Missouri: These three metros are home the home to the largest number of tech companies in the country.

Both companies are expected witness job losses.13.

Indianapolis, Indiana and Pittsburgh, Tennessee.

These cities are the home cities for Facebook and Twitter, respectively.14.

New York and Chicago, Chicago is also known as “the financial center” of the United States.

Its population is nearly 5 million people.15.

Detroit, Michigan and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, are the hometowns of Amazon, Twitter, Microsoft and other companies.16.

Atlanta, Georgia and Nashville, Tennessee, are two cities with populations over 4 million.17.

Boston, Massachusetts and Chicago are two big cities in the United Kingdom.

Both have major tech industries.18.

Denver, Colorado, and Austin, Austin is home not just to large cities but also major airports.

Both airports are expected be hit hard by the recession.(Getty Image)19.

San Diego and Long Beach, California, are home of some of America’s biggest airports.20.

San Antonio, Texas, and Dallas, Dallas are the two major metropolitan areas in Texas.21.

Orlando, Florida and New Haven, Connecticut, are some cities in Connecticut.22.

Nashville, Nashville is home of several major concert venues.23.

Cincinnati, Ohio and Hartford, Connecticut are two of Americas biggest cities.24.

Washington, Washington is home city of Google and the U.S. Postal Service.25.

Philadelphia, Philadelphia is home the U, S. Post Office.26.

Orlando and Tampa, Florida, are places where many other major companies are located.27.

Atlanta and San Diego, Atlanta is home both to major airports and to several major companies.28.

Washington D, C., and Los Angeles, California.29.

Detroit is home most of the U S. Postal service.30.

Orlando is home home to both the Disney theme parks.31.

Los Angeles is home Orlando theme parks, Disneyland and other theme parks in Disney’s Magic Kingdom and Universal Studios.32.