AT&T plans to build $1.9B fiber-optic cable network

AT&t plans to launch fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) fiber optic cable networks in New York and California.

In a blog post, the telecommunications giant said that it had signed an agreement with Verizon to build its first FTTN network in New Jersey.

The first fiber-based FTTH network will be in Manhattan and will be connected to Verizon’s FiOS network in Orange County, California.

AT&ts FTTT network is expected to have speeds up to 500Mbps and can deliver up to 3 terabits per second (Tbps).

It will also be able to offer speeds of up to 100Mbps and offer a 50Mbps downstream speed, as well as up to 5G speeds.

The company has said that its first fiber network will serve roughly 25% of its U.S. home base, which means that roughly 20% of the U..

S.’s homes will be covered by AT&Ts network.

AT &ts first FTSH network was rolled out in the city of Newark, New Jersey in 2016.

AT and Verizon have both said that they expect that the fiber-enabled networks will offer a range of benefits.

AT plans to offer its first 3G and 4G mobile broadband services in New England, which are currently not available.

AT has also said that in 2019 it plans to begin offering LTE in some parts of its network, including its Newark, NJ, network.

In 2018, AT also announced plans to expand its network to cover a swath of New England.

AT announced in 2016 that it would begin deploying its FTTH fiber network in some areas of the Northeast, as the company plans to deploy fiber to residential buildings in a wide variety of markets across the country.

ATs FTTW network, which it is expected also to roll out in 2019, is expected provide speeds of 5Gbps and will also offer speeds in excess of 100Mbps downstream.

The rollout of its FttW fiber network is currently being done in three markets: the Northeast (New York City, New York), the Midwest (Chicago, Illinois), and the South (Austin, Texas).

In 2019, AT said it will expand its service in the West.

In 2021, AT plans on adding a third region, which will cover areas of California, Texas, Oklahoma, and Utah.

The third Fttw fiber network, called the AT&TS Next Internet, is slated to cover New York, New Mexico, Florida, and Arizona.

In 2017, AT announced that it plans on expanding its network across the U., which is expected in 2019.

AT will be the first U.s. telecommunications company to launch a fiber-centric network.

The network will offer speeds up of up 30Mbps downstream, and 100Mbps upstream.

AT is expected not only to expand the network to residential areas, but also to commercial and business customers.

AT said that FttH will also provide speeds in the 30- to 60-Megabit-per-second range, which is significantly faster than existing fiber networks.

AT’s fiber-focused network will include more than 60 fiber nodes, which AT says will be able cover more than 30% of AT’s network in the U, according to AT.

The Ftth network will also include 4G LTE capabilities, which allow for faster data speeds and data speeds in a more consistent manner than current networks.

The fiber-led network will cover AT’s entire footprint, AT noted in its blog post.

AT was first announced to have announced a fiber network to be launched in 2018, which was later called the Frontier network.

Today, AT has a combined footprint of over 1.4 billion wireless subscribers, according the company.

AT says that it has reached agreements with Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon for a total of more than 2.6 billion wireless customers.