When a construction adhesive is too good to be true, it is, says ‘Pitch Perfect’ star Jena Malone

“Pitch perfect” star Jana Malone recently appeared on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” and shared a story about her recent construction adhesive experience.

In it, Malone said she was making sure the “Pineapple Express” star was wearing her construction adhesive-filled boots when she discovered that it was too much of a “bitch” to use.

“They’re not even that good of a quality for the job,” Malone said, laughing.

“It was just too much.”

But that was only part of the story.

“I went back to the store and tried to find out what the best construction adhesive was,” Malone continued.

“The guy at the store looked at me and said, ‘You know, I don’t use that, so you don’t need to use it.’

And I’m like, ‘Really?


Malone added that when she tried to explain the issue to the guy, he simply shrugged and said it was a “personal choice.”

But when Malone went back and asked for his advice on what she should buy, he just shrugged again and said that the best material to use for construction adhesive “is water-based.”

In fact, Malone went on to say, “I didn’t even need to explain it.

It’s like, if you want to use that adhesive, you’ll just have to use the water.

But it’s really not good for the task.”

Malone’s “Pines” star also shared her experiences using construction adhesive at a construction supply store.

“One of the guys there said, you know, you could use this.

It is really good.

It has the ability to stay on.

And you know what, I thought, I’m going to try it,” Malone recounted.

“And then, when I took the test, I found out that it’s not really good for construction.

I mean, it doesn’t stick.”

The real question, Malone added, is, “What do you want it to stick to?”