What’s the most interesting construction you’ve seen?

I’ve seen so many construction-themed projects, like this little Lego construct for the city of Chicago, that I’ve been tempted to invent my own, which is exactly what I did.

It turns out that Lego’s famous construction-building games have been a major inspiration for the project, as it’s not just the size and shape of the building that is important, but the detail that’s included in the model as well.

So instead of having a Lego model that’s easy to assemble, I’d have to make a model with a lot of parts.

To help me get the idea going, I built the Lego Constructs for the City of Chicago Lego set, and then went to the City’s Lego Museum to try to see how they make the buildings.

After I finished the building model, I found that I had to use a combination of Lego bricks and Lego blocks to construct the structure, and the process took a bit of time.

After assembling the bricks, I had a Lego version of the buildings for my Lego Constructions.

I had already had my Lego sets assembled in terms of Lego blocks, so I was able to just assemble the pieces and then start building.

I started with the structure and the bricks and then added the bricks that are part of the model.

It took about 10 minutes to assemble all the pieces.

Once the bricks were assembled, I used the same Lego blocks I used for building the model, and I also had to add the blocks that would be needed to hold the structure together.

It was a little tricky to assemble the structure with Lego bricks, but it’s something that I’m sure anyone can do, because you can build almost anything with Lego blocks.

I did a little bit of research on the internet to find more information about Lego construction, but I couldn’t find much that would help me.

I also found that there’s a lot more to it than just the Lego bricks.

Lego blocks can be used to construct a lot different things.

If you add a little more of a glue, you can get a nice finished model.

Lego bricks are used in some Lego games to create more intricate designs and structures, such as the castle in the Lego City game.

But it’s also possible to build structures with Lego, such the Lego Tower in Lego City.

The structures in the City are built from bricks that come with the game.

This means that there are also Lego bricks that go into the buildings in the game, too.

I found it pretty easy to figure out how to build the structure by watching videos on YouTube and watching the videos I watched on the City.

After building the tower, I started to build out the structures.

I used Lego bricks to create the bridge, the tower and the roof, and it was very easy to make them work.

The bridges and towers can be removed to build other parts of the City, and a lot can be built with Lego.

Once I had built all the structures, I wanted to build a bridge that connected the structures together.

To do this, I needed a way to attach the structure to the bridge.

The easiest way to get the structure attached to the bridges was to use Lego bricks as anchors.

There’s a special feature that can be found in the LEGO City game called the LEGO Bridge, and in that feature, you build a Bridge with Lego brick pieces.

The bridge is attached to a bridge.

Lego brick blocks are attached to bricks on a Bridge, so you can use Lego blocks on the Bridge to create bridges between different Lego buildings.

For this, you need Lego bricks for the bridges, and there’s another option, too, where you can make a bridge out of Lego brick bits.

If the bridge is built with these pieces, you get a new bridge that can go between different LEGO buildings.

The way to build bridges with Lego bits is very similar to the way that Lego bricks can be glued to the structure.

To make the bridges for a new building, you first need to make the structure that’s going to be the bridge for the new building.

You then need to add Lego bricks onto the structure so that the Lego brick can attach to the bricks on the structure at that point.

Once you have that in place, you then have to put the bridge in place.

Lego Lego bricks go into a Bridge and then they go onto the Bridge’s bricks.

Once that’s all set up, you add the bricks to the Bridge.

I didn’t have to worry about having the bridge be exactly the same size, because Lego bricks have a standard width, and you can fit them to the same width.

Lego Builder’s website lists the correct height for the bridge and the width for the building.

The City also has a Lego Tower that you can place Lego bricks on.

This allows you to attach Lego bricks directly to the building to make it easier to attach bricks to walls and other objects.

Lego Tower’s Lego bricks attach to bricks in the