Bidding wars continue as bidding frenzy heats up

A bidding war has erupted in New Zealand over the naming rights for its future football stadiums, with the likes of Wellington-based Aotearoa Stadium and Auckland’s new Eden Park both vying to win bids.

Key points: Key points Auckland-based Eden Park wants its Eden Park stadium to be named after New Zealand rugby legend Billie Joe Armstrong, with Auckland’s Wellington-listed Eden Park to be renamed for New Zealand Footballer Billie Brown The Aotarea Stadium, which is a home to the Aotowa Football Club, is looking to be the new home of New Zealand’s Rugby Football Union (NZRFU) The New Zealand Rugby Football League (NZRL) has expressed interest in a bid for the namingrights Auckland-listed Aoterea Stadium is in favour of the Wellington-linked Eden Park The NZRL and the Airta Football Club are both vying for the new Auckland-built Eden Park Stadium in the city’s north-west.

The New Zealand flag will be hoisted on the stadium’s iconic black truss structure by Wellington’s rugby union team, while Auckland’s Eden Park will be named for the former All Black captain.

Both the bids have received some serious attention from other sporting organisations in the country, with Wellington-raised Aotorea Stadium and the Auckland-named Eden Park vying for top billing.

The bids have been submitted by Auckland-headquartered Auckland-registered firm Auckland Stadiums, which owns the Eden Park and has a strong presence in the Auckland market.

The bid for Auckland-raised Eden Park is one of the biggest in the NZRL’s history, with both teams vying for naming rights in the south-west of the city.

The Wellington-registered Aotidea Stadium bid is the biggest of its kind in New England, but it has been a long time coming.

The Auckland-run Eden Park bid was launched in January, and has attracted interest from several other teams in recent weeks.

But it is not the only bid that has been lodged in the bid to name the stadium, with a number of smaller, regional sports organisations also vying to bid for naming Rights.

The Airtarea-based bid for Eden Park’s naming rights is expected to be announced on Wednesday, and the new stadium’s site is expected be revealed in March.

Auckland-based Wellington-affiliated Eden Park has already secured the naming Rights for the stadium in 2014, and will be the club’s new home for the next 20 years.

New Zealand’s Football Union said it was aware of Auckland’s bid and was looking forward to discussing a bid.

However, the Auckland bid has drawn a lot of interest, with New Zealand Premier Helen Clark’s office reportedly having contacted both Auckland and Wellington.

Ms Clark’s spokesperson said she was aware the AOTarea bid had been submitted, and it was looking at it, but had not yet had a response.

The NZRL has expressed an interest in the Aero Soccer Stadium and has been in contact with Airtagea Stadium about a possible bid.

But the Auckland club has had its sights set on the naming of Eden Park since it was awarded naming Rights in 2011, with Eden Park chief executive Peter Ritchie expressing confidence that the club would win the bid.

“We’ve got the name right in the backyard of Eden park, so we’re looking forward [to] the announcement in the next couple of weeks,” Mr Ritchie told The New York Times.

Mr Ritchie said that while he was aware that Auckland was in the running for the bid, the bid was not finalised and had not been received by Auckland Stadium’s board.

Aero Soccer was a NZRL-owned sports club for five years before it was sold to the RLPA in December last year, and its name has now been removed from the stadium.

It is believed to be a bid to win naming rights, but is currently seeking to win the rights for the Aotea Stadium in a separate bid.

The RLPA is also in the process of bidding for the rights to play in the new Eden Stadium.