How to build a $100 million $500 million building on a vacant lot in East New York

NEW YORK — You can build a new house in New York City on a piece of land with nothing but a few hundred thousand dollars.

You can put up a billboard in Times Square, or open a restaurant in Harlem.

And you can buy your way into the mayor’s mansion, the Statue of Liberty or the White House.

The new building on the former landfill site of a former dairy and steel plant in East Harlem is the latest example of the city’s housing boom and how it’s transformed its once sleepy industrial city.

The site of the former factory is home to one of the largest vacant lots in the city.

But it’s not only empty space — the area is dotted with small, unused buildings and lots.

The lot is the site of several large commercial buildings.

Some of the buildings sit empty, some are boarded up.

The building is the result of the City’s $500-million renovation of a landfill site in East Manhattan.

The $1.5 billion project was designed to create a new city for people who can no longer afford to live here.

A $100-million dollar, 50,000-square-foot building, built on a portion of the site, is the largest such building ever built in New Jersey.

It was the first of its kind in New New York, and its developers say it is a significant milestone for the city in terms of its redevelopment efforts.

The project, which was completed in January, was financed by the state and the city of New Jersey, which will be responsible for the costs of maintaining the building.

The $100-$500 million price tag includes the cost of the building, utilities, landscaping and other infrastructure.

The developer says it will be the largest and most expensive building in New Yorks history.

The project is being done as part of the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation’s Green Development Strategy.

The developer says the project will create a “new community, economic engine, and a vibrant neighborhood” in the East Village.

The building, designed by New York-based architect and urban designer, Jens H. Bischof, will include a rooftop garden, a landscaped courtyard, offices, apartments and a retail and restaurant space.

Hannah Farrar, executive director of the East New Yorkers Alliance, a community group that advocates for redevelopment of abandoned sites, says the site is a great example of what the city has been able to do in the past.

“There’s not a lot of vacant land out there, so the city is really able to take advantage of it and create the infrastructure that they need,” she said.

“It’s been great for development in the community, it’s been a huge boost for the economy.”

The building will be used for offices, restaurants and a community garden, and it will have a parking garage.

The land is owned by the New Jersey Department of Transportation and is on the corner of North Fourth and Washington Streets.

Hans Heyns, a partner at the firm Jens Bischoff, says they built the project in the shadow of the nearby construction site, which is now the site for the Empire State Building.

Hyns says he was inspired by the work of architect James Brown and architect Robert Moses in the 1970s.

Heynz says he’s glad the project came together quickly because it shows the city and state’s commitment to urban renewal.

“It’s not just about the new buildings that we’re going to see.

It’s about the infrastructure for these buildings to last and be productive, and that’s a great part of this plan,” he said.