Construction resume at construction site for the $1 billion Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, in San Antonio

A construction company will begin construction on a new cinema complex in San Antonians heartland, beginning work this month.

The Alamo Cinema will be the tallest building in the city, about 5,600 feet (1,850 meters) high, and will be built at a site that will become the new home of the Alamo Brewing Co.

A construction crew will begin work on the complex in November, and construction is expected to be completed by March 2021.

Construction is being led by San Antonio-based construction company RK Construction, which also built the Alhambra and the Almaden Park Mall.RK Construction is based in San Marcos, and is led by construction director Mike Kowalski.

“This will be our third Alamo cinema in SanAntonio and we have been working on it for the last year and a half,” Kowalksi said.

“The first Alamo was built in 1929, and the second in 1950.”

We’ve got a long history with this property.

It was a great community gathering spot, and it’s a place to hang out and socialize,” he said.

The complex will be located in the former Almadina and Almadena Park mall.

The building will feature four theaters, including one for theatrical and two for music events.RKC Construction is also constructing a new Alamo Express station and a new entertainment venue at the former East Market site.

The project is being funded by a $400 million bond issue.

Construction of the new Almadencabutre project is expected the end of this year.