Which buildings will be demolished next?

Construction of the first phase of a $1.9 billion, 7.9-mile bridge over the Potomac River in Richmond is scheduled to begin this week, with the completion of the second phase expected in the spring.

The first phase, which will connect the Port of Washington with the Washington Navy Yard, will be completed by the end of the year, with construction expected to be completed next year.

The bridge will connect an existing interchange at the Port to the Potomo Bridge.

The new interchange is expected to open next summer.

Construction of the Potoms new bridge was scheduled to start next month, but it is being delayed.

It is expected that construction will be complete in late spring or early summer, but the bridge will not open until mid-summer.

The new bridge will link the Potoma River to the new Port of Charleston, which is expected later this year.

The Potomoc River is the longest waterway in the United States and the third-longest in the world, after the Yangtze and Ganges Rivers.

The Port of Wilmington is also planning to start construction on a new bridge, expected to begin construction in 2018.

The Port of Savannah will begin construction on its $1 billion, 10-mile South Carolina River Crossing in 2021.

The port of Atlanta, Georgia, is also slated to begin work on a major project in 2021 that will extend a $2.5 billion, 18-mile tunnel under the Georgia Aqueduct from the city to the city.

The tunnel will extend from Atlanta’s port to the Atlanta Beltline, which links the city and the Georgia state line.

The South Carolina Department of Transportation is also expected to start work on the first of a two-phase bridge project in 2020 that will link two new bridges in the Atlanta suburbs, one in Georgia and one in South Carolina.

The project is estimated to cost more than $1 trillion.

The project is expected do take longer to complete than planned, with preliminary estimates of about two years between the two projects.