How to fix the election, but the right doesn’t have it

Politico article A new political movement has taken hold, one that has some Republicans wondering if the right can really be the party of Trump.

It’s called “Garney Construction” and it is trying to get a group of Republicans to take on the Democrats.

The effort, called “Trump, Garney Construction,” has been spearheaded by the National Republican Congressional Committee, a PAC funded by billionaire Donald Trump.

The goal is to win over the voters who have been frustrated by the Trump administration and their own party, and then turn that frustration into a victory for the Republicans.

“It’s a great opportunity to take back the House, it’s a really big opportunity for the party, because Republicans need to win back the Senate,” said Garney founder Tom Garney, a longtime Republican operative who has run for state and congressional office.

“We need to turn the tide and win back those seats.”

Garney’s proposal is similar to the one the GOP took last November, when they lost a Senate seat in a historic upset that made President Trump a minority leader.

But it’s different in that the Trump White House isn’t in charge.

Instead, the GOP has chosen a new chairman, Reince Priebus, who is a close friend of Trump and has previously been in charge of the RNC.

The effort is expected to cost millions of dollars, with a fundraising goal of $1 billion.

The party also has to win the House races in the next few weeks, which is a daunting task.

In the Senate, the party will have to win all 16 seats that Republicans hold, including a number that will go to Democrats.

Republicans have already won three of the seats that are expected to go to the Democrats, which are in Utah, North Dakota and Montana.

The GOP is banking on the support of the GOP’s base, which includes conservatives who are upset with Trump, who has been in office for more than four years and has taken on many of their policies.

Garney said that his group is working to build a political coalition around Trump’s message, and has found some of his supporters among the Republican base.

“We are going to be able to work with the party and work to build some coalitions to try to get some of those seats, but we need to work to win those seats,” Garney told Politico.

A Republican strategist who has worked with Garney on previous campaigns, called Garney’s goal to take out the Democrats “a pretty big gamble.”

“He’s got a pretty big idea of what he wants to achieve, but he’s still a young man who hasn’t really got a real grasp on how to get his ideas out there,” the strategist said.

“The idea that he’s going to go out and start winning elections and be successful is pretty crazy to me.”

The Republican strategist said he believes the Garney campaign has found a lot of success so far.

He pointed to the fact that Republican lawmakers, such as Reps.

Tom Garrett and Tom Graves, are still supporting Trump.

“Garney is doing an amazing job in this race, and I think the Republican establishment is embracing the Trump-Garney coalition,” the Republican strategist added.

“I think they’re ready to take a gamble on him.”

Read more about the Trump presidency, politics, the presidency, Republican, Trump, Trump campaign, Trump election source Politico article The Trump administration is in disarray, the Trump campaign has said, with Trump in the White House for just six months, and there is no sign of improvement in the GOP.

Garneys plan to focus on taking out Democrats, and is hoping that the voters will be receptive to the message.

“This is going to have a real impact on the Republican Party, I think, because they have to really be prepared for that,” Garneys said.

Republicans have been trying to find ways to win House seats, especially those in red states that voted for President Barack Obama in 2016.

Trump won the House majority in 2016, but lost the White Senate seat that went to Democrat Alison Lundergan Grimes.