How to fix a ‘fake’ ‘dinosaur’ on your property: A real-life case study

When the property was sold, the family bought the land on which the building stood and installed a fence.

The next day, the property’s real-estate agent informed the seller that the fence was no longer necessary.

“He had said it was a ‘dude’ or ‘dud,'” she says.

“I was like, ‘Wow, you’re the real deal.’

It’s a real issue.”

A real estate agent’s first response, she says, is to tell her the property is no longer suitable for development, or, “get a divorce.”

This, she adds, doesn’t seem to be helping matters.

The real estate lawyer told her the fence is “just a nuisance.”

When the family purchased the property, the real estate representative told the family they had to buy the fence and install a “fence to keep it off.”

She went on to say, “We will not be able to build this thing on this property.”

“They’re putting a fence on our property?” the wife asked.

The husband replied, “Yes.”

“I’m a real estate attorney, and I know what it takes to get a real house.”

“It was pretty heartbreaking,” she says of the family’s ordeal.

“My husband said, ‘You need to go out and do something about this.'”

So the couple decided to make an offer for the property.

“We said, if we were to buy it, we would take care of it,” she explains.

“They said, no, you can’t do that.

We told them we could, but we wouldn’t pay for it.”

The couple agreed to pay for the fence, which was about $20,000.

They bought a $2,500 trailer, and bought two additional trailers.

The new trailers cost $3,000, and they installed a gate, which the real-owner said they were going to remove as soon as the fence fell down.

The gate is still there.

“So, we’re here,” she said.

“It’s just not working.

It’s not a very good idea.”

When they went back to the agent, she explained the problem.

“You have a fence, but you don’t have a gate.

What’s wrong with the fence?” she asked.

“The fence’s not working,” the agent replied.

“Why don’t you do the fence on your land?”

The real-home agent said she was sorry but the family had no choice.

“This is what we are doing, you see?

We’re going to fix it.”

A second agent told the couple the problem had been solved and the couple could return to the land.

They agreed to the $3.5 million offer.

The agent told them, “This has been resolved, this is what you’re going home with.”

The realty agent was happy to accept the money.

“What a beautiful deal,” the wife says.

The couple has since been able to live on the land without a fence and their land, which they had originally purchased for $3 million, now sits on $3 in real estate.

“As soon as I found out about this issue, I was like ‘Wow!’,” the husband says.

It was a tough day for the couple.

“At first, it was very hard,” he says.

He said he didn’t feel the need to pay the $30,000 to fix the fence.

But when the couple realized they weren’t going to get the fence back, he decided to try to fix them.

He did a few other things to make sure they weren.

He called a contractor and asked for a $10,000 price-tag.

The contractor agreed to do the work for free.

The wife asked for an inspection of the fence that was still in place.

She told the contractor to remove the fence so she could take a look.

“Oh my God,” the contractor said.

He had to do it himself, he explained.

“Then, when I saw the inside of the house, it looked like a dinosaur.

It looked like somebody had cut off its neck.”

The contractor told her he’d do it for free, but she had to pay $100.

She agreed.

“And I had to wait until the next morning to tell them what I did,” he said.

The house was not up to the job.

It fell apart, and the wife’s house was left vacant.

The entire family had to move out.

“All of our belongings were gone,” the family says.

So now the couple has a new home and their property has become unusable.

“There’s no money left in our bank account,” the woman says.

But the couple is not giving up hope.

“After this, I’m going to try and sell my house,” the man says.