How Google ‘found’ a ‘fake news’

article The article was written by a senior Google engineer, but has not been independently verified.

The article contains factual errors and/or omissions.

The story is based on an anonymous source.

We cannot verify the story’s accuracy.

Source: Google News article title ‘Fake news’ found in Google search article Google search users found a “fake news” article that was a hoax that had been created by a Google employee.

The hoax was written up on a Reddit post, which was taken down by Google.

The source of the hoax was the Reddit post.

Google confirmed the existence of the article.

Google has taken down the post and banned the author from its services.

The person responsible for writing the hoax article is now working at Google as a consultant.

The Reddit post was written in August, but it was taken offline soon afterwards.

Google also suspended the author’s account, which means the person behind the article is no longer employed there.

Google did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The page is now live on Google’s blog.

The post, entitled ‘Google found a fake news article’, is a fake article that has been created to mock and mock up stories that have been published.

Google said in a statement it had been notified about the hoax, but that it was not the author of the post.

“We are taking action against the person who wrote the post,” the company said.

The news was not made public until after it had already been taken down, and the post was later re-posted on the Reddit thread.

It said the post included “multiple factual errors, omissions and grammatical errors” that were made by the Reddit poster.

Google, however, did not confirm the validity of the story, saying only that the author “was not the source of this story”.

The post was one of several posts on the internet where the person responsible wrote up articles about stories that they believed to be real.

It’s not clear how the hoaxer created the hoax.

Reddit’s user page for the fake news story said it was created by an unnamed Google engineer.

Google’s statement to BuzzFeed News did not address whether the post contained factual errors or omissions that could have been removed by Google’s moderation system.

The site’s user interface shows a number of fake news articles with links to the Reddit page.

It also said that the post had been taken offline.

The “fake” Reddit post came from a Reddit user who was the creator of a Reddit page called ‘Google Finds A Fake News Article’.

The user, named ‘Mr. G’, has a history of making hoaxes and posts.

“The Reddit post contained multiple factual errors that were, as far as we know, made by Mr. G,” Google said.

“However, the person that made the post, Mr. E, has no affiliation with Google.”

It said Mr E had posted fake news stories about other Google employees, and that the Reddit user “had written a series of articles claiming to be independently verified”.

“We took down the original Reddit post immediately, and did not take any action to remove the original content.”

“The original post contained numerous factual errors,” Google’s spokesperson said.

“[The author] was not actually the source.”

Mr E, however said the Reddit account was not his.

“I’m not a Reddit mod,” he told BuzzFeed News.

“My Reddit account is not a Google account.”

The user was not identified in the Reddit posts, but he told the site that he was an engineer at Google.

He did not have a Google Developer account.

Mr E also told BuzzFeed that he did not write the fake article.

“It’s just that I’m not the person in charge of the fake Google story,” he said.

Google wrote that it removed the fake Reddit post and the user’s account from its service.

The company said the user was banned for posting hoaxes, but did not explain what the ban meant.

It added that it had taken down Mr E’s Reddit account.

It noted that the person did not exist in Google’s system and that “the post has been taken off the Google Search API”.