Why the new crane that’s going to help save thousands of jobs from crumbling buildings?

Construction crane manufacturer CNC Systems has revealed that it will replace nearly 1,000 construction jobs in the US with robots, creating thousands of new jobs.

The firm, which has a presence in the United Kingdom, announced the move during the launch of its new robotic technology.

The move is being driven by a new global technology called “smart crane”.CNC Systems said that the robot technology, called “Smart CNC”, will help the firm avoid costly, time-consuming manual labor and allow workers to focus on the task at hand.

“We are not alone in this, other large construction companies are also working to create robotic solutions that reduce human labor by eliminating manual tasks, which in turn can help save money,” a spokesperson said.

The spokesperson said that CNCs new “smart cnc” technology can be used to construct and repair building systems and that it can also help workers move the parts of their building on and off the scaffolding.

“This will result in a cleaner and more efficient construction process,” the spokesperson added.CNC systems founder and CEO Dave Czukas has said that he is convinced that the robots will save millions of construction jobs from collapsing buildings.

“We’re in a very unique position to be able to do this because we’re building the largest buildings in the world and the demand for them is really high,” he said in September.

In addition to saving construction workers from the task of building a building, the robots can also be used for a variety of other tasks such as construction of roads and bridges.

“CNC’s Smart CNC technology can reduce human time in many aspects of the construction process.

This includes the construction of building components, the assembly of structures, and the removal of debris,” the company said in a statement.

CNC said that it has already delivered over 100 prototypes of its Smart Cnc robot system, which are being used in construction projects around the world.