Dallas’ best construction: How Texas built a $5 billion Texas Best construction project

After a $7.5 billion dollar construction project to rebuild the nation’s busiest interstate highway, the Texas Department of Transportation has announced the winner of the award, which recognizes the best construction project in the nation.

Texas Best is a competition that encourages public officials to consider projects that benefit their state and its residents, but is usually judged by independent contractors.

The winner will receive a $1 million grant from the Texas Association of Construction Contractors.

The competition is a part of the $6.5 trillion Texas infrastructure plan, which includes major highways, bridges, airports, power plants, roads and water projects.

Construction work on the I-10 corridor, which stretches from Texas City in northwest Houston to Houston, was completed in July and was expected to begin in September.

The project will bring hundreds of thousands of new jobs and tens of millions of dollars in economic development.

In a video posted on the state’s website, Texas Secretary of Transportation Brian Miles said the project “is going to create jobs and improve the quality of life for Texans.”

The highway project is a joint venture between the Texas Tollway Authority and the Texas Transportation Institute.

The company hired a group of construction professionals, including engineers, to design and build the project.

The winning construction project was a $2.2 billion project to repair a section of the interstate near Dallas, which has a population of about 2 million.

The section was constructed in an attempt to avoid flooding, but the construction workers had to use the concrete, steel and concrete slabs to complete the project, said Miles.

The highway was built as part of a $9 billion $3.5-billion transportation infrastructure project that also includes the Texas Aqueduct.

Miles called the project a “game changer” in the state, which was in a recession at the time.

He said the $2 billion will go toward improving the condition of the highway and improve safety for travelers and motorists.

The state also received a $700 million award from the National Association of Railroad Passengers to improve service on its rail system.

The $700-million grant will help fund upgrades to the rail system, including adding passenger cars and increasing capacity.