The Lego Construction series is getting a whole new set

Axios — The LEGO Construction series, which started as a series of Lego sets for children in 2011, is getting its own Lego sets as part of the company’s ongoing line of construction products.

The sets, which include sets for construction, are now available online for $14.99 and will ship in November.

In addition to Lego’s popular construction products, the series also includes toys, such as the Minifigures Buildable Building set, which is also available online and in stores.

Lego has also recently expanded the series to include an assortment of accessories, including a line of custom Lego pieces, called Lego Bricks.

The Lego Backs collection of building and construction products was created by a team of Lego designers and engineers.

The set includes six buildings that each have their own distinctive design and feel, including an industrial space that’s inspired by a real-life factory.

The series also contains a number of accessories including bricks, a set of custom-made Lego bricks, and even Lego accessories that can be used to customize your own set.

In this photo taken in November 2017, a building in the Lego Bodies building series is seen in Tokyo, Japan.

The series’ first set, the Buildable Builders set, is also now available in stores and will include the same building-themed accessories as the Lego bricks.

The second set, LEGO Builders II, is scheduled to ship in October.

The LEGO Builderies series will be sold at select retailers starting next month, but it won’t be available to purchase online until December.

The official line-up of new sets will be announced on Thursday.